Anatomy Of The Perfect Website


This is a replay of a presentation made to attendees of a website conference for business owners, web designers and developers and people in the web industry.

It includes the full video replay and copy of the presentation slides so you can follow along.

PLUS an additional bonus of 4 live workshops dissecting real live websites with practical tip and ideas to improve them to generate a tonne more leads and conversions. Some of the website owners followed the recommendations and did so well that leads are now flooding in. One of the websites was a part time passion while she was working a job and after implementing the ideas, sh has left her job and now works full time in the business.

You will be able to implement may of the same ideas in your website and see a significant improvement in the results that we guarantee will generate more than ten times what you pay for this, or you will get your money back with our 100% Risk Free 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. Implement all of the ideas and if you do not get 10 times your investment back in a full year, email [email protected] for a full refund.


Too many people focus on the design and aesthetics of their website and not the job it should be doing.

It is not that having a beautiful website is not important, but that without understanding how to get the website generating leads and enquiries, a great looking site is pretty much useless – just like building a fabulous looking Ferrari and putting bicycle pedals into power it!

No matter how good it looks, it is never going to get to 220 kph.

Today you will learn:

~ Do you even really need a website today?
~ What your website is really for, and how businesses that do this are now crushing it
~ The most read, highest converting, yet under-rated page on your website
~ The highest converting call to action
~ The fundamental difference between a website and landing pages
~ STOP! … putting garbage on your website that no one cares about!

In this session and we will have a look at some websites on the call, pull them apart and show what needs to be done to turn them around.