22 Essential Elements Every Website Must Have​

Turn your website into a lead machine

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I have been implementing some of the tips and strategies and I have been paying off in my business. I would recommend anyone to go along and check it out.
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith
Less Pest More Control

Discover The Missing Link To A Wildly Successful Website For Business


Web design is NOT about glossy graphics and clever text. It is about giving your ideal client what they need easily and NOW!

Single Focus

Most websites vomit information and overwhelm people so the leave. Follow this checklist to guide visitors to message your inbox or phone.

Success Measurement

If you are not measuring what is happening on your website, you can't improve the results. Discover some easy ways to improve website results.

Download This And Explode Your Leads!

If your website does not generate leads every single day it is likely missing the key ingredients that make the most successful websites virtual money machines.

I recently had a business consultation with Nik Cree from SmashGo and I cannot recommend him more highly. He first sought to understand my business challenges before offering any information, which was very refreshing. He then provided me with insightful information of a technical nature. He also generously offered several of his key contacts to help support me further, which have already proved fruitful and provided further opportunities for me to connect with the right people. Outstanding!!
Robbie LeGarth
Life Coach

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Nik Cree

Nik Cree has been in business for 30+ years employing online processes and strategies to grow and scale through to sale.

He is an expert in personal branding and organic digital marketing using proven online tools and processes that work.

He has helped hundred of businesses and entrepreneurs succeed with online strategies with easy to understand, simple to follow, proven processes based on experience rather than theory.

As CEO of a WordPress web development agency since 2008, he teaches entrepreneurs and business owners to exponentially grow their authority, credibility and revenue online without them needing to be techie or code monkeys.

He as a passionate advocate for small business and empowering the owners to understand and navigate the online world.

22 Essential Elements Every Website Must Have

Turn Your Website Into A Lead Machine​

Download this expert checklist and get your website working they way it is supposed to. Implement the elements into your website and watch your enquiries and leads skyrocket. This is a must have guide for anyone in business!

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