The secret to converting copy

Define the One Belief* then answer these 10 questions

Headline incorporating the one belief
How is this different from everything else I've seen?
What is in it for me?
How do I know this is real?
What's holding me back?
Who/What is to blame?
Why now?
Why should I trust you?
How does it work?
How can I get started?
What do I have to lose?
What should I do next?
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*The One Belief

The One Belief is made up of three parts:

“Adding a pleasant smell at the end of your cleaning routine (new opportunity) is the key to keeping your home looking fresh and clean (desire) and it’s attainable only through Febreze’s OdorClear technology (new mechanism)”.

The 10 Questions

With the One Belief established, use these 10 Questions as a checklist:

The better you answer these questions, the more persuasive your copy will be.

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