VA Success Blueprint

Virtual Assistants are an affordable staffing solution for business to help you grow and get your time back. This course is designed to help you navigate through to getting your first or next VA. Inside is a complete series of training modules, templates and guides to work through at your own pace.

Module 1Start Here
Unit 1Orientation
Unit 2Why Hire A Virtual Assistant
Unit 3Tasks A VA Can Do
Unit 4Delegation vs Abdication
Unit 5The Super VA
Unit 6Business Wishlist
Module 2Preparation
Unit 1Systems, Processes & Procedures
Unit 2Organising Tasks And Roles
Unit 35 Minute System Process
Unit 4Delegating & Automating Systems
Unit 5Instructional Screenshots
Unit 6Storing Systems
Module 3Recruiting And Hiring
Unit 1VA Locations
Unit 2Virtual Assistant vs Outsouring
Unit 3Agencies and BPO's
Unit 4Job boards and websites
Unit 5The Job Ad
Unit 6Interviewing
Unit 7Shortlisting
Unit 8References
Unit 9Selection and Hiring Process
Module 4Onboarding And Training
Unit 1Onboarding
Unit 2Training
Unit 3Career Development
Unit 4Performance Reviews
Unit 5When Things Go Wrong
Module 5Apps, Tools and Software
Unit 1Essential Apps & Tools To Use
Unit 2Email
Unit 3Communication
Unit 4Project Management
Unit 5Security
Unit 6Document Sharing
Unit 7Screencasts And Screenshots
Unit 8Time Tracking
Unit 9Payments
Module 6Template Library
Unit 1Job Ad
Unit 2Email Interview Questions
Unit 3Interview Questions
Unit 4Job Contract
Unit 5Task Template
Module 7Bonuses
Unit 1Pay Rate Schedule
Unit 2Hiring Directory
Unit 3Language Differences
Unit 4VA Support Program
Module 8Case Studies
Unit 1Angie Neal
Unit 2Tracy Tully
Unit 3Troy Dean
Unit 4Danny Cartio
Module 9Pre-Course Training
Unit 1Pre-Preparation Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant
Unit 2Creating Systems And Procedures
Unit 3The Virtual Assistant Hiring Process
Unit 4Apps, Tools & Software For Managing Your Workflow With VA's
Unit 5Overview Of The Process And VA Success Program
Module 10Live Webinars
Unit 1Live Webinar #1
Unit 2Live Webinar #2
Unit 3Live Webinar #3
Unit 4Live Webinar #4
Unit 5Live Webinar #5
Unit 6Live Webinar #6


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