Recurring Revenue Blueprint Program

Recurring Revenue Game Plan

Here are 12 solid yet simple to implement strategies to add ongoing recurring revenue profit centres to your business. Once set up these will run without a lot of ongoing work and providing predictable regular cashflow. Any business can implement these ideas to grow and scale.

Module 1 Affiliate Programs
Unit 1 Setting Up Amazon Affiliate Programs
Unit 2 Join and Profit With Affiliate Programs
Unit 3 MRR Q&A Mastermind
Unit 4 Creating Your Own Affiliate or Paid Referral Program And Have Other People Bring Customers To You
Unit 5 Recurring Revenue Strategies With Memberships
Unit 6 Q&A Mastermind 20210630
Unit 7 Creating Courses for Monthly Recurring Revenue
Unit 8 MRR Q&A Mastermind 20210727
Module 2 Partner Program
Unit 1 Create A Partner Program
Module 3 Recurring Revenue Challenge
Unit 1 Monthly Recurring Revenue Challenge For Business Day 1
Unit 2 A Quick And Easy MRR Model To Implement
Unit 3 Transform An Existing Service Into An MRR Program
Unit 4 Creating An Affiliate or Paid Referral Program
Unit 5 12 Month Plan To Implement Profitable, Successful Recurring Revenue Income Stream


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