Canva Mastery for Business #2

This Is Not Just A Design Course ...Learn The Incredible Power Of Canva To Amplify Your Visibility, Accelerate Your Lead Generation And Sky Rocket Your Sales!

This is a 6 week program with real life projects and applications which you can create and implement immediately to get results within your business.

It is for business owners, entrepreneurs and team members responsible for sales and marketing who want to save time and money and product amazing graphic collateral, generate more leads, get more customers and be more profitable, without needing to be techie or a have design skills.

Canva Is More Than Just A Graphic Design App

It is a powerful business tool that integrates directly with Social Media, a Website, Links with CRMs, Has Incredible AI Features, all which make you look like a Design Pro but more importantly saves you hours upon hours or time & can make you Thousands of Dollars ~ all within the Canva Dashboard.

Most people know how to use the pre-designed templates to make stunning images, brochures, flyers and social media posts.


Did you know about the hidden features that will make your business look like a million dollar brand AND give you the ability to drive your business and make more money inside the platform!

Enrol today and start using the amazing power of Canva to explode your business growth, get your time back, gain more customers without breaking the bank, and bank the profits to enjoy your lifestyle.

Module 1 Lead Magnet Magic
Unit 1 Lead Magnet Replay  
Unit 2 Creating Infographics  
Unit 3 Creating Content With Write Magic  
Unit 4 Searching and Saving Images  
Unit 5 Resizing Your Design  
Unit 6 Saving Your Design  
Unit 7 Adding Clickable Links (Call To Action)  
Unit 8 Downloading Your Design  
Module 2 Landing Page Magic
Unit 1 Landing Page Magic Replay  
Unit 2 Creating Book Cover  
Unit 3 Creating Landing Page/Lead Magnet  
Unit 4 Creating and Setting Up Google Form  
Unit 5 Linking Google Form To Landing Page  
Unit 6 Publishing Your Website  
Module 3 Social Media Magic
Unit 1 Social Media Magic Replay  
Unit 2 Creating Social Media Post  
Unit 3 Connecting You Social Media Account To Canva  
Unit 4 Scheduling A Post  
Module 4 Video Magic
Unit 1 Video Magic Replay  
Unit 2 Creating Video  
Unit 3 Inserting Audio To Your Video  
Unit 4 Creating An Ad For Use In FB/Instagram  
Unit 5 Creating A Gif  
Unit 6 Explore Screencast For Use In Demo or Instructional Video  
Module 5 Presentation Magic
Unit 1 Presentation Magic Replay  
Unit 2 Creating Presentation  
Unit 3 Creating Presentation Using AI  
Unit 4 Adding Music To Your Presentation  
Unit 5 D-ID AI Presenter  
Unit 6 Inserting Videos In Your Presentation  
Unit 7 Shortcut Keys  
Unit 8 Keyboard Shortcuts  
Module 6 Hidden Magic
Unit 1 Hidden Magic Replay  
Unit 2 Canva Features  
Unit 3 Safe Zones for Your Images  
Unit 4 Creating Zoom Background Banner  
Unit 5 Templates