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Pickstar.pro A Platform for Finding and Listing Guest Speakers

If you are looking to be a guest speaker at conferences or events, or if you are seeking speakers for your own event, webinar, or podcast, Pickstar.pro is the site for you. This platform allows individuals to list themselves as potential speakers and offers a diverse range of speakers for event organizers to choose from.

Listing Yourself as a Speaker

For those looking to find speaking gigs, Pickstar.pro provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise. By creating a profile on the site, you make yourself visible to event organizers who are searching for speakers. This can significantly increase your chances of being invited to speak at various events, conferences, and webinars.

Finding Speakers for Your Event

Pickstar.pro is also a valuable resource for event organizers. Whether you need a guest speaker for a webinar, podcast, or conference, you can browse through a range of profiles to find the perfect match for your event. The platform includes a variety of speakers, from sports stars like Anthony Mundine and Peter Bol, to actors, TV presenters, and notable personalities such as Australian of the Year, Taryn Brumfitt.

Diverse Range of Speakers

One of the strengths of Pickstar.pro is its diverse selection of speakers. While there are many well-known personalities, the platform also features numerous speakers who may not be as widely recognized but still offer valuable insights and expertise. This variety ensures that you can find the right speaker for your event, regardless of your specific needs or audience.

International Reach

Pickstar.pro is an international site, meaning you can find and connect with speakers from around the world. The platform automatically defaults to your country based on your location, making it easy to find local speakers as well as international ones.


Pickstar.pro is a powerful tool for both speakers and event organizers. By providing a platform for speakers to list their profiles and for organizers to find suitable speakers, it facilitates connections that can enhance any event. Whether you are looking to promote yourself as a speaker or need to find the perfect guest for your event, Pickstar.pro is worth exploring.