AI Meeting Note Taker & Transcription

Boost Your Productivity with Noota: The AI-Powered Meeting Assistant

In the modern business landscape, efficient meeting management is crucial. Enter Noota, a versatile AI-powered tool designed to streamline your video meetings by joining them on platforms like Zoom or Teams. Noota not only participates in your meetings but also takes comprehensive notes, identifies action items, and provides summaries, making it an indispensable tool for business owners and professionals alike.

Key Features of Neut

Automatic Meeting Participation and Note-Taking

Noota can automatically join your video meetings, allowing you to focus on the discussion without worrying about taking notes. The AI is intelligent enough to discern key points and action items during the meeting, assigning them to the relevant participants.

Actionable Summaries and Assignments

At the end of each meeting, Neut generates a list of action items along with their assigned personnel. This feature ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities, facilitating better follow-up and accountability. Additionally, Neut provides a concise summary of the meeting, highlighting the main topics discussed.

Accurate Transcriptions

Noota also offers full transcriptions of your meetings. While no AI transcription tool is 100% accurate, Noota stands out with its high level of precision, reducing the need for extensive corrections. This makes reviewing and referencing past meetings a breeze.

Free and Paid Plans

Noota offers both free and paid plans. The free plan includes all the essential features needed to get meeting notes and summaries, making it a great starting point for new users. For those who require more advanced functionalities, the paid plan offers additional benefits and enhanced capabilities.


In a market flooded with various meeting management tools, Noota shines as a reliable and efficient option. Its ability to join meetings, take accurate notes, generate actionable summaries, and provide full transcriptions can significantly enhance your productivity. Whether you opt for the free or paid plan, Noota is a tool worth exploring to optimize your business operations.