Lead Generation

Unlock Targeted Leads with A Comprehensive Lead Generation Tool

In today’s competitive market, finding and connecting with potential clients is crucial for business growth. offers a powerful lead generation tool designed to streamline this process. provides a user-friendly platform to search for publicly available information and narrow it down to specific individuals, making lead generation more efficient and targeted.

Key Features of

Easy Account Setup

Creating an account on is simple and free. Once you’re logged in, you gain access to a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to start searching for potential leads immediately.

Advanced Search Filters offers an array of filters to refine your search, making it easier to find the right contacts. Here’s a breakdown of the key filters:

  • Location: Search for individuals based on geographic location. For example, you can look for people within a 50-mile radius of the Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Company Name: Find people working in specific companies.
  • Industry: Narrow your search to specific industries, such as construction, and even drill down to subcategories like building construction.
  • Company Size: Filter results based on the number of employees, such as companies with 1 to 10 employees.
  • Revenue: Refine your search by company revenue, for instance, companies with revenue up to one million dollars.
  • Job Title: Search for specific job titles like CEO, CTO, or CMO.
  • Intent: While this filter depends on available data, it can help identify what the contact might be looking for.

Detailed Contact Information

When you click on a contact, provides comprehensive details, including email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and company information. This feature is particularly useful for building a detailed and actionable contact list.

CRM Integration supports integration with various CRM systems. You can save contacts and import them directly into your CRM, facilitating seamless follow-up and outreach. For CRMs that do not support direct integration, you can download the contacts as a CSV file and upload them manually.

Practical Applications is a valuable tool for anyone conducting research or seeking leads in specific industries, occupations, or geographic areas. It helps you quickly identify and connect with your ideal clients, streamlining your lead generation process.

Conclusion is an effective lead generation tool that can significantly enhance your ability to find and connect with potential clients. Its advanced search filters, detailed contact information, and CRM integration make it a powerful asset for any business. Whether you are looking to target specific industries or geographic locations, can help you narrow down your search and identify high-quality leads.