Direct Debit

Secure and Reliable Payment Collection with GoCardless

Many businesses rely on payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Square to handle transactions. However, these platforms can sometimes pose issues, such as fraud or service disruptions. A recent case involved a business owner who experienced fraudulent transactions on her Stripe account, causing significant disruption to her operations. During the resolution process, she needed an alternative solution to continue selling her services. GoCardless offers a viable alternative, providing a secure and efficient direct debit payment facility.

An Alternative to Traditional Payment Gateways

GoCardless is not an online payment gateway in the traditional sense. Instead, it functions as a direct debit facility, allowing for electronic and digital direct debits. This method bypasses the need for customers to enter credit card details, appealing to those who prefer not to use credit cards online.

Simple Setup and Integration

Setting up GoCardless is straightforward. Businesses can set up direct debits online and send payment links to customers for their details. The service also features a mobile app, making it convenient for business owners to manage payments on the go. Furthermore, GoCardless integrates seamlessly with most accounting software, automatically entering direct debit payments into the system, streamlining the bookkeeping process.

Secure and Customer-Friendly

For customers who are uncomfortable with or do not possess credit cards, GoCardless offers a secure alternative. This payment method ensures transactions are processed directly between the business and the customer’s bank, enhancing security and trust.

Updated Technology and API Integration

GoCardless is a well-established solution that has been updated to meet modern business needs. It offers API integration, allowing businesses to connect GoCardless with various online applications, enhancing its utility and flexibility in digital payment collection.


GoCardless provides a secure and reliable alternative to traditional payment gateways, addressing issues such as fraud and service disruptions. Its direct debit facility is ideal for customers who prefer not to use credit cards online. With simple setup, seamless integration with accounting software, and updated technology, GoCardless is a valuable tool for businesses seeking a robust payment collection solution.