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Transform Your YouTube Videos into Engaging Blog Posts with Blogify

One of my favorite tools, Blogify, offers a seamless way to turn your YouTube videos into well-written blog posts. This tool stands out for its user-friendly interface and versatile features. Let’s dive into how Blogify works and why it could be a game-changer for your content creation strategy.

Getting Started with Blogify

To begin, log into Blogify. If you can’t remember your login details, simply sign in with Google. Once logged in, you’ll be greeted with a dashboard that allows you to create posts from your video content.

Creating a Blog Post from a YouTube Video

Here’s a step-by-step guide to transforming your YouTube video into a blog post:

  1. Select a YouTube Video: Go to your YouTube channel and choose the video you want to convert. Click the three dots next to the video, hit the share button, and copy the link.
  2. Generate the Blog Post: Return to Blogify and click the “Generate Blog” button. Choose YouTube as your source and paste the copied link into the provided box. The platform will analyze your video.

Customizing Your Blog Post

Blogify offers various options to tailor your blog post:

  • Perspective: Choose between first person, second person, or third person.
  • Tone: Select the tone of your blog, such as inspirational, engaging, professional, or conversational.
  • Length: Decide whether you want a small, medium, or large post.
  • Language: Choose the type of English (e.g., Australian English).

You can also add content images by dragging and dropping them into the platform. Once customized, Blogify will generate the blog post by transcribing and summarizing your video.

Publishing Your Blog Post

After generating the blog post, you can either copy and paste it into your website or automatically publish it to platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or Mailchimp. Blogify can also connect to Zapier to streamline the process.

Example and Quality

Here’s an example of a blog post created using Blogify. The tool provides subtitles, main titles, and formatted content, making the text easily readable. The quality of the generated blog is impressive, as it accurately summarizes the video content into a coherent and engaging article.

Free Plan and Credits

Blogify offers a free plan that provides enough credits to test out the tool. Once you create and verify your account, you can use these credits to generate blog posts and explore Blogify’s capabilities. After the free credits are exhausted, you can opt for a paid plan.


Blogify is a powerful tool for anyone looking to repurpose video content into written format efficiently. If you’re interested in discovering more tools, apps, strategies, and programs to enhance your business, visit the Smash Go YouTube Channel. There, you’ll find valuable information, interviews, webinars, and programs to support your digital marketing efforts.

For more information on how we can assist with your digital marketing and online presence, visit Smash Go and send an inquiry or explore our offerings. I’m Nick C., host of the Business Owners Michigan Online Webinar and Podcast Series.

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